Fitness Training Online Personal Coaching
Personal online coaching is available for bodybuilders, figure competitors, models, pageant contestants, or individuals who "need" to be "ready" in a certain timeframe or by a certain date. (Think wedding, high school reunion, beach trip, or any other event.)

What you will get:

  • Diet (amount of Protein, Carbs, and Fats calculated for you)
  • Exercise Plan
  • Cardio Plan
  • Supplements Recommendation
  • Email Communications
  • Phone Communications
  • (Bodybuilding competitors will get contest prep strategies and extra attention at 6 weeks out until showtime. We will be in contact twice daily the last 14 days until prejudging to fine tune your physique.)

What you need to provide:

  • Digital Pictures (full body shots - front, back, side, specific areas you wish to "target")
  • Height, weight, bodyfat% if possible, and much more (I'll provide a questionairre for you to answer.)
  • Motivation
  • Eventually, a testimonial for your success!

I currently have 2 pricing structures. One for bodybuilding competitors (figure included), and another for basically everyone else.

Bodybuilding Competitors:
I prefer to work with bodybuilding competitors at 6 months out (if I'm working with you for the first time). 
$397 Initial setup, then $197 month. 

Non Bodybuilding Competitors:
$197 Initial setup, then $97 month. 

Have questions? Email me a richard [at]